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“Why should I choose TOPCENT?

Because TOPCENT is …
A young and passionate team!
A powerful and professional company!
An honest and reliable partner!


At the 126th Canton Fair, which ended on October 19th, 

TOPCENT was once again praised and welcomed by many new and old customers.

In this exhibition, TOPCENT displayed new and hot sale products at two booths. 

One is for regular furniture hardware display and the other for retail service. 


TOPCENT always achieves Quality, Service, Standards and Innovation.

From the firsttime you get in touch with TOPCENT, 

you can see that we are responsible for themarket by segmenting the market, 

that is our focus on the market. 

You can see that we offered 16 series, thousands of products, 

that is our specialty for products.

You can see thatmore than 30 of our top-ranking elites have received meticulous 

and dedicatedservice from reception to cooperation, that is my concentration on you.


We sincerely invite you to the TOPCENT showroom 

to once again feel our focus, professionalism and concentration.

The Canton Fairended and another get-togethering 

exhibition at TOPCENT is extending.

For more information on the products you like at the show, 

please come to the TOPCENT showroom in Guangzhou. 

ADD : 

7th Building Creative Garden, Tianjian Plaza, Shatai Rd., Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

MOB : 

+86-1588 9988 293 Sophie

We like you to come often !


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