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We hope we could have an own room.

It makes us feeling we are real.

In this room, do what we like to do.

Reading book in study room.

Relaxing in bedroom.

Having fun in entertainment room.

Dressing up in cloakroom.

... ...

We want to protect our true selves, 

no matter who we are. 

Door lock is a necessary to protect us. 

At a glance, there is a beauty in my deep mind.

I hear that she is whispered in my ear shyly.

I cannot help myself to reply and hold her.

I cannot help myself to touch her soft.


I want to hold her and open a new privacy together.

Yes! This is the one we want! Beautiful and strong!  

Come and hold it, then open it, to be our true selves.  

Modern simple style

Classic European


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